SNAP was an idea that emerged out of the International Nurse’s Day celebrations in 2015. “Nursing’s Got Talent” demonstrated how enjoyable, and how much can be learned, when students and staff work together in partnership. We wanted to build on this experience by organising an event to empower students to share their ideas, for students and staff to work in partnership, and to create opportunities for students to shine. SNAP does not have the theatrical and creative focus of “Nursing’s Got Talent” but instead, is a traditional academic conference where student nurses present their ideas and experiences about nursing theory, education or practice. Partnership has been achieved by students collaborating with an academic staff member of their choice to write their presentation. For today at least, student nurses are the teachers.

The conference aims to:
• Empower students to share their ideas and experiences
• Support students to present their work to other students, staff and practice partners
• Encourage student nurses from different years to interact and network
• Nurture collaborative student-academic partnerships
• Celebrate nursing at Kingston, St George’s and Gibraltar Health Authority

Now in it’s second year, we are hoping to expand our event to include fellow student nurses of other institutions. We wish to create a collaborative event that will appeal to nursing students from all walks of life, broaden our experiences and help build on our knowledge as student nurses.

SNAPCon 2017 will be held on 3rd May 2017 at St George’s Hospital.

Image designed by Alban Low